Today I had the amazing opportunity to sit front row and watch Josh receive an award for courage at his school. I must admit I bawled… and so did a number of other parents. Josh jumped up when his name was called and ran to the front and stood proudly while the teacher talked about his courage in the face of adversity and how quickly he rebounds and gets back to school and back to getting his work done. What a beautiful moment! After receiving his award he scanned the crowd, found me and threw me a big thumbs up; which prompted many more tears! 🙂 So proud of my guy today!

“It is my pleasure to give Joshua the courage award. Joshua is receiving this award because of all the perseverance he has shown us in completing his school work despite multiple surgeries he’s undergone recently. Joshua has always been happy to return to school after each surgery and eager to learn and participate. He has always been willing to catch up on missed work and recently impressed us when he chose to spend recess time in the library to start and finish a project he’d missed because of the surgeries. He drew a beautiful map of his neighbourhood and without any help he made sure his map had a legend, colours, symbols and a compass rose! Good job Josh!”  His teacher.


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