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Yesterday I posted about a project that I am going at full force in the coming years. The dream of a Heart Institute that melds pre-natal care, pediatric care and adult care under one roof, one care team, one model of care. As I mentioned, this is not a far-fetched dream, the window is open but it will only be open for a shot period of time. If ever there was a time to change the adult care system this is it. I asked each of you, my readers, to help me and I promised to share in the coming days how we need your help. Starting on a journey likes this takes a lot of noise, we need people to stand up and take notice. We need to make them see the problems that need addressing. You can start by sharing yesterday’s post with all of your contacts on social media. This is a huge step towards change, social media these days can breathe life into a cause when enough people care to share. (Look at what happened with the Ice bucket challenge!).

Today I am going to ask you to think about doing more than reading about Congenital Heart defects. I am going to ask you to write to your local politicians, you MP your MPP, your city council rep. I am going to ask you to write to every contact you have, everyone with any kind of influence or power, anyone within the media you can think of who may be able to help by lending their voice to this issue. I am asking you to stand beside me and join voices with me. Contact me if you need to get an email address or need help composing the letter… or simply copy and paste the article from yesterdays’ post. I am happy to help you.

We need media contacts to get a hold of this story, to share with the masses about Congenital Heart Defects, the gaps in the adult system, and the struggle that patients face.

To make this happen it will take patience, and time, and some powerful and influential people to start talking about it and making it a priority, but, and this is big… it will take you. Friends and family who know and love someone who suffers from a congenital heart defect. Your voice matters. For every child (for the most part) who is born with a CHD there are two parents, four grandparents, and countless friends and extended family; all those people are tax payers with a voice.

This is a large undertaking: I know that I am asking a lot. However, I also know that you all have shown me before (#redforjosh) comes to mind that when you want to, you can make a difference.

Thank you for all your support and action! Feel free to leave comments when you have taken actions to help this endeavour! —- AND SHARE yesterday’s post on your social media… share today’s post. MAKE SOME NOISE!!! 🙂


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