Super Josh visits Cardiac Clinic

Josh hands over his health card and gets himself registered… hes growing up.

on Wednesday we had our cardiology appointment, this update is past due and I apologize for that for those of you who have been asking.

The main reason (for those of you not caught up) for this last visit was that Josh has had several episodes where he suddenly goes very pale to the point of blue, gets very sleepy, and VERY cold. One episode had his core body temp on the borderline for hypothermia. We have also been noticing other ‘odd’ things that require further investigation. Then on Saturday during his brother’s birthday party he had another severe episode, this time his colour was non-existent, not even blue, just no colour. He was cold and this time he was losing consciousness. After being rushed to hospital we were told that they believe it could be his heart again. I contacted his Cardiologist and hence the appointment on Wednesday…

OK. All caught up (see previous posts for more detailed description of events).

So, back to the appointment. We did all the required tests and then sat down to talk to our doctor. She really doesn’t believe that it’s his heart, (good news), she believes that this is neurological (seizures). She did however order a holter monitor for 24 hours to see if it’s a heart rhythm issue, and we have a different monitor that we use during one of these ‘events’ but in her words ‘this is to rule out the heart as the underlying issue.

While we were there we also got a call from the Neurologist who has bumped up his sleep deprived EEG to this coming Wednesday… and now we are praying for answers from that, because quite frankly, we need to know what is happening to him.

To make the day more fun for Josh he asked if he could wear his ‘heart hero’ cape when he went to the hospital so I agreed, and then he had me taking pictures of the different things he does during his clinic appointments. I only had my phone handy and he was moving a lot so the pictures aren’t brilliant but they are fun… Enjoy them and please, remember him in your prayers this week.

The ‘sticker test’ (ECG)

Needs to know if he’s getting heavier

…and definitely needs to know if he’s grown at all

checking his SATS
now he’s having his ‘muscles measured’ (BP)
nailed that part!

walking to the doctors office

waiting for the doctor

There she is…

He loves her…

nailed that part!

getting his holter

wearing the holter

post clinic tradition of a doughnut for him and a coffee for Mum 🙂
This is our favourite part of clinic days!


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