what am I thankful for?

It is thanksgiving weekend… it’s been running through my head all evening… I don’t need to sit and ponder what I am thankful for. Today it hit me like a freight train… I am thankful for my kids, my husband and for the friends who step in to help when life goes totally wonky.

My week started when on the way to pick up Kaleb from school I walked into  a crazy situation in which a man was shot multiple times and the shooters were running through the streets. Cop cars and ambulances raced past me to get to the scene… I was in a fog I guess, thought it was a scene from a movie until the principal from Kaleb’s school came out and made me come inside to safety. At that point I was locked in the school office while the school when into lockdown. Kaleb on the floor below me, it was terrifying.  When we were finally given the go ahead to leave and I had Kaleb safely in my arms I was asked by a cop where I was headed, when I told him how far away it was he said ‘carry him home, and walk quickly’. I can promise you it was only the adrenaline that gave me the strength to carry a five year old the 20 minute walk home, and I did it in about half the time.

My week ended (today) with what should have been a fun day with friends celebrating Kaleb’s birthday party…

Just 45 minutes into the party Josh fell and hit his head on the concrete outside. He cried but he seemed okay at first, but within minutes he was asking to sleep, his skin lost all color, his lips so blue they were almost translucent. His skin was cold and clammy, and his eyes were rolling back in his head. He was losing consiousnes and it took all four adults to keep him upright and awake. We called 911 and before I could finish the call we had four police cruisers at the door, a fire truck and the EMS. We were rushed to Sick Kids where Josh was seen by doctors. I have only been that scared one other time and that was when we thought we were losing Josh when he was 6 months old.

Josh has had episodes like this before, not the fall, but the cold and clammy, the blue skin, the tired and lethargic state… but never like this. When I gave his full history to the doctors they did a few neurological tests and seemed satisfied that it was not a head injury that was the root of his problem.They believe it could be his heart.

About an hour or so after the event occurred Josh regained color, he became more alert, and then he slowly came back to himself, putting together a Lego toy and smiling and joking about his stinky feet. One would think nothing had happened to him.

Thankfully, we were released from hospital and Josh is sleeping peacefully in his bed (we just checked on him)…

Thanks to our friends who drove behind the ambulance to meet me there, Tim was able to continue Kaleb’s party for him … he got to have his cake and open his presents. When Josh and I returned home you could look around the house and assume nothing had happened. So, do I need to think about what I am thankful for this year? No. Not even a bit. I am thankful for our friends who changed all their plans to help us out when we needed them, I am thankful to Tim for stepping in and making sure Kaleb’s birthday was still his special day, I am thankful for the first responders who came so quickly, I am thankful that this week is almost over… and I am thankful to God that Josh is upstairs in bed, where he belongs, safe (for the moment).

Please, pray for him and as as we navigate this new issue and try to figure out what is happening to our son.

I know that many of you were made aware of the situation today… the texts and emails were pouring in and I wanted to take a moment to thank you, your prayers are always valued.  Jill and Chris… you stepped up when you didn’t have to, I have already told you this, but I needed to say it again, thank you.


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