Five incredible love filled years

5 years ago I was the OR having my youngest son. It was a Friday, the Friday before thanksgiving. I had gone in for a blood pressure check and an ultra sound (I had pre-eclampsia)… my condition had gotten worse and so they decided that they would do a C-section that night. He was 4 weeks early. I remember being too sick to really be too worried about much, but we did know that a possible abnormality was showing in his fetal ECHO and of course there are always risks that come with pre-eclampsia. I lay on the table and honestly do not remember much, it’s all a foggy haze. I was violently ill and shaking uncontrollably… but when they put Kaleb on my chest the shaking stopped and my heart melted. From the moment I met him him face to face I knew a love like none other, it was a different love from even the love I have for Josh. He sucked my nose and stared intently at me. He was so beautiful. I don’t remember the pediatrician taking him to check him over but I do remember him looking at me once he had checked him over, his stethascope in his ears, and his words, I will never forget his words. “you have a healthy little boy, I hear no murmer”… never have there been such sweeter words… other than the ones whispered years later ‘I love you mama’.

Watching Kaper grow, hearing the way his brain works, listening to his stories, laughing at his antics and enjoying the way he discovers new things is such an incredible gift. His heart is huge, his compassion and generosity are humbling, his capacity for love without limits is something that warms me from the inside out. This little boy, he steals my heart on a daily basis, when I think I can’t possibly love him more than I do already I am always hit by some new wave of love and it leaves me awed.

Happy Birthday little man. I love you beyond imagination. You have completed our family and your light brings laughter and joy into our home daily. Thank you for being the incredibly loving kid that you are. We are so proud of the person you are growing into!

All my love, forever.
Mama xoxoxox


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