A mamma’s prayer

This is for the two boys who have taught me the wonder of God’s love; not because of anything they have done, but simply because they exist. What a beautiful example they have been to me of Grace, unconditional love and selfless sacrifice. Each day they teach me about love, patience, joy, hope, grace, laughter, and above all God. Each day I learn from them how to be a better person, and how to ask for forgiveness when I don’t get it right. These two little men have given me much more than I ever imagined and I am eternally grateful to them and to the God who created them. What an honor!

My arms are not strong enough
to hold you here forever;
my tears and kisses cannot heal
the pain and hurts you weather.

Yet each day I pray for you
letting you go in my heart;
to the one who can do anything;
even heal a broken heart.

Every hour of every day I lift you up to him,
so that one day when I am not near,
you can turn your eyes to him,
and let his voice be the one you hear.

I talk to him about you,
I share the silly things you do, silly things you say.
I ask him to watch over you
every hour, every day.

xoxox Mamma.


Published by lauriehaughton

Author & Photographer

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