6 more months!

So today was ECHO day… I wrote earlier so I this won’t be a long post but I do want to update all of you.

Let me start with talking about the fact that we started today by giving over 1300 dollars to the Cardiac Kids that Kaleb’s school (Nelson Mandela Park PS) raised during the month of February! That was pretty awesome! Before we got there Josh asked me ‘am I a cardiac kid?’ and I responded with ‘yes’. Then he went on to talk about how he was going to grow up and when he was 41 he was going to be a doctor who helped cardiac kids. Then, for the rest of the day he asked a million questions about how the heart works, he asked the ECHO tech. about the images he saw, what they meant, he asked the nurses about his blood pressure and what the numbers mean, he asked his doctor a ton of questions about it all… it was flat out exhausting answering all those questions! I broke down and bought him a model heart to help him learn more, and we got a book out from the resource center at Sick Kids that teaches all about the body. He’s fascinated by it all… definitely a future doctor 🙂

The ECHO results were good. Not fantastic but good. His Pulmonary valve is looking good and is not showing signs of rejection, his tricuspid valve is leaking a bit more than it was before but it’s not something they will do anything about right away, we will keep our eye on it and monitor it. The right side of his heart, the side that was seriously enlarged, has actually gone down in size! This is something we had hoped would happen with two working valves and to hear it is actually working is really good news. So when the doctor turned to Josh at the end of the appointment and said ‘So, your ECHO was good, you don’t have to come back for 6 months’ he smiled really big and gave her the thumbs up… I have to admit I felt like doing the same thing. 6 months!! Add that to the last six months and we will be a full year post op! This is good news!


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