2,190 gifts

If every day is a gift, which I really believe it is then our family has been blessed with 2,190 gifts. Each gift wrapped up in one incredible little boy whose smile has brought warmth and joy to our hearts from day one. 6 years. 6 Years of blessings, 6 years of love, 6 years of learning, 6 years of hope, 6 years of laughter, 6 years of tears, 6 years of miracles, 6 years of life. 2,190 days of Joshua.

I look at his smile and I cannot believe how blessed we are to know this little man, his heart is beautiful, his laughter is truly infectious, and his compassion is overwhelming. Sometimes in life you meet someone who is special, you can’t name what it is that makes them special, you just feel it. It’s in the way they talk and listen, move and live, it’s in the way they love. It’s a rare gift. Josh is my rare gift.

It’s not often that you can look at someone and see all the things that their life has added to yours, but when I look at Josh I see how much his life has taught me. I see the depth of faith his life has brought to mine, I see how he has taught me about patience, hope, joy, and this incredible love that I had no idea could exist until I laid eyes on his 6 years ago. He is my miracle in so many more ways than I ever thought or imagined. His heart (both his literal heart and his figurative heart) have brought me healing and hope. That smile melts me and there is nothing sweeter in the world to me than listening to his singing around the house or laughing with happiness.

Once, a long time ago, on a castle on a hill; I prayed for a miracle in my life. I look at Josh, at Kaleb and my Tim and I am astounded that God didn’t just give me the base of what I asked for, instead he heaped a pile of miracles on me and filled my life to overflowing with love and miracles and blessings.

2,190 blessings, 2,190 gifts, 2,190 miracles.

Happy Birthday Joshua. I love you immeasurably!

Mummy xxx


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