While they are away… it’s time to play

Today was the first day back to school post Christmas/New Year holidays and I have to admit I totally enjoyed it! Unlike normal I was on the ball and managed to make the lunches yesterday so the morning was fairly smooth. Josh went off in his cab without fuss but the Kaper had become accustomed to being with me so getting him into his classroom was a little more difficult. Once the boys were in place I went home and began to clean… but again I have to admit I also began to play! I played all day with the camera on my phone and the new little additions to our family (Minion Dave and Minion Tim). We had a great time, though they did try very hard to get into trouble. They played with the boys new puzzle, tried to get into my bananas (until the evil purple minion scared them off that is), they managed to get very close to Tim’s wine collection and then somehow got into my coffee. They even found a book all about themselves and spent an hour or so just reading… the boys came home from school and heard all about the antics of Dave and Tim and Kaleb gave them a time out.

Today it seems was one of those days that just flowed… if only all days could be so calm and fun! Here is a collection of the shots I got today to prove to the boys that the minions had a busy day.

This is how they started today… waiting patiently for the boys to return.
They quickly became bored watching me clean… and broke out the new puzzle!
After finishing the puzzle… both got hungry and sniffed out the bananas…
…but then the evil purple minion attacked!
at which point they got thirsty and tried to raid our wine collection… :0
once the wine was threatened I thought it might be time for quiet reading… while I went to get Kaleb from school.
BUT… what happened next was a breach of epic proportions. The other stuff was cute, touching the coffee is just down right cruel!

So there you go… this is life in the Haughton House while the boys are at school. We will see what happens tomorrow with my two new little friends… (Oh, I mean… Josh and Kaleb’s two new little friends)


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