Don’t know the next step…

This little man started JK this year. We have moved into a new area, and he’s in his first few months of a long school career. It’s been a very rough start and I won’t lie to you; I have deep concerns about his safety and well being and the future of his education. Kaleb is like me in many ways, and because of that I can see how vital it is for him to have a positive beginning to a school career… too many things have happened to this little boy for me to list here, and most of them are confidencial in nature so I can’t be specific. However, it’s made us (Tim and I) question what’s best for Kaleb. I am writing this post today to ask you all to pray for us. We need to hear God’s direction in this, as far as where Kaleb is safest and where he should be. I won’t lie and say I am not worried… I don’t know the best ‘next step’ for Kaleb. Please, pray for us, for wisdom, discernment and guidence and a clear path as we slog through this process. Pray for little Kaleb too… he’s fairly unaware of things for now and that’s the positive side of all of this but every day I leave him and I am filled with anxiety for his welfare (now and in the future).

Thank you… You have all been so incredibly faithful to our family as we faced hard times before. You prayed Josh through some very hard times and I have total faith that you will now pray for his little brother.


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