Taking time to look at the sunset, and sunrise… it’s something I haven’t done in a long time. While on holiday we had plenty of opportunity to both (though I freely admit I only managed to wake up in time for one sunrise (middle shot). What I found so awesome about it, was that each one was different. Each sunset, each different set of colours, each unique cloud formation, and yet all where no one should really see it. For the most part we were far out to sea, no land for miles and yet so incredibly breathtaking. Why do I find this so awesome? I guess while I was sitting there watching the sunrise one morning it dawned on me that this was created for no one, it is what it is, and it’s there just because. How many things on this planet are created this way, long before we were placed on this earth God created the sunrise and sunset, he created the forests, the flowers, the mountains, rivers, oceans, stunning views, breath taking plants and animals. Even now, there are thousands of varieties of sea life, deep in the depths of the oceans that no one has seen.

Walking through the streets of New York City I watched person after person pass by me, bump into me or sit beside me on the subway. I did the same on the ship, and at each port where we stopped. Each face, thousands of faces, all different. Have you ever really stopped to think about that?

The other day I saw a set of photos that someone took, they were macro shots of snowflakes and each one was perfect, each one stunning, each one totally unique. How many snowflakes fall in a winter?

Sometimes I get so busy, so needy or just too tired to really think of God as anything more than someone to turn to when life gets hard. When I am struggling with understanding Josh’s health, when I am worried about Kaleb’s food allergies, when I am needing strength to get through a hard week. I forget that God is the creator of the universe, that He is the great artist of each tiny snowflake, each beautiful sunset, each stunning sunrise and each unique person.

I forget that he is Majesty. Perfect majesty.


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