Mama bear

This week I was called upon to stand between my son and a system that sometimes fails. I was put in a position to defend and advocate for him & for his safety and to show my mama bear claws. It has not been an easy week, it’s been stressful, upsetting and often very frustrating. However, I have learned a lot this week about being a Christian woman in the midst of a stressful situation, I have learned how to defend in a Christ like way, how to act with dignity while fighting tooth and nail for a child I would die for. This week, I had the privilege of showing Kaleb through actions that I love him every bit as much as I love his brother, that I would do, and will always do whatever it takes to keep him safe, and to ensure that he also feels safe.

At the beginning of the week Kaleb was assaulted at the school, it was later escalated through a number of mistakes made by a number of parties, and all the ‘Mummy blood’ coursing through my body had me wanting to go in raging. However, for the first time in my life I had a still small voice inside me reminding me that I am to be a witness, that being a woman of faith calls me to act differently, calls me to respond differently. I am not sure I can explain that feeling to you very well as it’s been something new for me, and it was hard. I think it was harder than many things I have had to do because my natural response was to fight, to rage, to ‘pitch a fit’.

I don’t know why I was called to be a witness, I don’t know who I was supposed to be a witness to, but with God’s help I can see his hand on me through out this week, calming me, lowering my blood pressure at the right times and yesterday we had a meeting with both the principal and the superintendent  that has moved us on a path of restored trust and a rebuilding of faith in the school system that Kaleb has found himself. Actions in time will prove louder than words but I believe we have begun a process that will lead us to a solid educational experience for our son.

I know through your emails that many of you have been praying for Kaleb and I wanted to thank you, and I ask that you pray for the people involved in this incident, for the other student involved, for the leadership of the school, and for the teachers.


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