Happy Birthday

Dear Kaleb (a.k.a. The Kaper),

When you were born the very first thing you did when you saw me was suck my nose, I don’t have a clear memory of your birth because you were born through a C-section and the meds were powerful, but I do remember seeing you and I remember you looking at me and then sucking on my nose. It left an imprint on my heart that grows with every day, week and year of your life. Just when I thought my heart couldn’t possibly love another person, when I thought my heart so full that there was no more room, you popped into my life and I found my heart expanding to an even greater capacity; and every day it gets stretched to new limits as I grow even more in love with the little man you are becoming. There is not a day that goes by that you don’t make me smile and laugh. You bring warmth and light into my life, you bring beauty and creativity, and you bring love and compassion into our home.

We have had a rough road this year, it’s not been easy and you have been too young to fully understand the changes that have taken place, yet you have met each challenge and remain standing, stronger because of the caring and compassion you exhibit. The love I see between you and your brother brings a tear to my eye as I know that years from now, when your Daddy and I are long gone you and he will have each other and be stronger for it. There has not been one day through this past year that I haven’t thought of you, loved you, longed to spend time with you, and prayed for you. I pray for you EVERY DAY. I pray that you will discover your gifts at an early age, and I pray that I will have the courage to help you reach your dreams even if they pull you away from me. I pray that you will grow into a strong, committed and compassionate Father, Husband, Friend. I pray that you will change the lives of those who know you through wisdom, strength, courage and joy. However, my biggest prayer for you is that as you grow you will find a faith of your own, a deep and lasting relationship with your Father in heaven, and that through your faith you will find the strength you need to handle and adversity that comes your way.

Kaleb, know that you are loved. So fully that it cannot be expressed in words. You are loved, valued as a unique member of our family. It was you who completed our little family and we thank God for you!

Happy Birthday little man! I love you!

Mummy xoxox


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