itsy bitsy spider

For most parents, hearing their little munchkins running around singing a little song is something so common that one would be tempted to ask them (in a kind voice) as them to stop… We however are not most parents. We have heard Josh humming, but never have we heard him sing a song with lyrics. Today though things changed. Today as Josh was getting his shower (post hair cut) we had the utter joy of listening to him sing (with words and proper tune) ‘itsy bitsy spider’. It was so normal that I almost didn’t notice it, and then I put the scissors down (I was cutting Kapers hair) and listening in awe. Just one month into his new school and Josh is singing! My heart started singing in that moment. I find it amazing how the mundane can so quickly become a joy in the right circumstances.

This week I have noticed a few things, minor things really but improvements. He tells me about his day, fights with Kaleb over who will tell me first, he asks us ‘how was your day?’ when he comes through the door. The progress is slow… but then it always has been; but in the last month I have seen change and with that change has come a new hope. My prayers for him have always been for total healing, heart & stroke alike. I pray that one day he will stand before a crowd and speak (perhaps through his work, or maybe to tell his story, or it could be a message to his new bride on his wedding day) and he will speak so clearly that no one will ever know what he has achieved through hard work, patience and God’s healing hand. That is my prayer for my son. Total healing. It’s the reason why I rest my hand on his head each night and silently pray for the brain to heal, for new pathways in the brain to form and it’s why when a therapist tells me that he may never ‘speak normally’ or ‘may never gain his word retrieval back’ I simply nod.

This God we serve, he has done infinitely more for Josh than I could have imagined, and through our son I have learned so much more about God than I dared dream. He has taught me what faith is, and how sometimes all it takes is a mustard seed.

(Josh – who was supposed to be in bed – just came down to use the washroom. When he finished he ran back upstairs singing that little song again… so beautiful)

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