Sunshine call

We are in week three of Josh’s new AMAZING school (Bloorview School Authority – attached to the Bloorview Rehab hospital). I have to tell you, I never dreamed that it would be as great as it is. I knew it would be good, but the little things they do to give us added comfort with the care and teaching that Josh is getting just adds immeasurably to my total belief that this school is the best place for Josh, and that when he completes the two year program he will be leaps ahead of where he is. Prayerfully even on target for his age!

The first day of school, the teacher, who knew that I was a little worried about him taking the bus, called me mid morning just to say that he was doing okay. She has phoned me a number of times since to ask questions, give reports and follow up. I have also spoken with two of his therapists (Physio & Language) who have done the assessments and started working on their goals. It is such a weight off my shoulders to know he is FINALLY getting the care he needs.

Today I received my first ‘sunshine’ call. A sunshine call, I have learned is a phone call from the teacher to report that your child has met one of his therapy goals! One of the many issues with Joshua is his legs, they are curved in such a way that his hips are turned in, causing him to walk a little like a duck, add to this they tip toe walking and we have a number of problems, frequent falls, tight muscles, high tone and trouble doing things that other kids find natural. For example. Joshua has long struggled to ride a bike. His feet won’t stay on the pedals, so we have had to get foot plates for his bike which we then ‘tie’ his feet into. It works, he can ride the bike (particularly now that he has the energy to do so). The biggest problem with foot plates is that if he falls he is ‘tied’ onto his bike and can’t get up on his own. I spoke with his therapist and asked her if we could make one of his goals riding without foot plates. Today, my sunshine call was to inform me that he did it! He rode all through his mobility class with NO FOOT PLATES! The teacher called and when I told her to tell Joshua that I was very proud of him she called him over and put him on the phone so that I could tell him myself! How awesome is this school? This teacher?! He was so happy, so proud! He told me ‘I went so fast!’. Now the hard part is going to be slowing him down and I have to admit… I don’t mind one little bit!

This school is just one more daily reminder of the way that God is looking after Josh. I will never forget the day we drove up there for the interview. I prayed all the way there ‘make me hate it Lord’ because I knew that getting in would be a very long shot. Instead, I came out of there totally in love with the program and totally discouraged at the same time because the principal had told me that there were only 100 spots, and there were applicants from across Canada and the US. It all boiled down to who the other applicants were, what there needs were and if they were compatible with Josh. I didn’t think we stood a chance. The day we received the acceptance letter was the same day that learned that he would need a fourth surgery. I had been so discouraged and getting that letter, on that day, seemed like God offering me hope for the future.

Today, when I got that sunshine call I wanted to cry with relief, not because it’s a huge deal that he can ride a bike with no foot plates (though I guess it is) but because we are only at week three and already we are getting results. The biggest issue is his language, and I still pray for that daily… but I have a feeling that if ever there was a place that could help him, God has brought him to it.


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