He’s up

Well, it would seem that screaming at the top of our lungs yesterday for God to wake up seems to have helped. Josh had a good night sleep and came down stairs talking about how God was awake now. (Whew… bullet dodged).

The other day (in the post ‘Hail Mary pass’) I talked about how we had made our choice and were waiting for Monday to see if God closed the door on that or not. The reason being that one of the trusted specialists was away until Monday. Today, our doctor called and it would seem that the specialist came back yesterday and she had a chance to speak with him.

She said ‘He STRONGLY (she really emphasized that word) agrees with your decision’. I sighed because I hadn’t really realized it yet but I was waiting more anxiously than I was willing to admit for his answers. I was also praying hard that he would have an opinion one way or the other, and not be as unclear as the other doctors. I really needed to hear from God on this one, and having such a clear and certain response of agreement on our choice has made it clear that we made the right call.

We should know within the next two weeks when the surgery date will be and of course I will keep you posted.

happy hot weekend, this girl is cottage bound with the boys!



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