While we were out

When we arrived home from church today there were four large canvas’s at our door. Each one carrying a message of prayers and best wishes, all from kids we don’t know from a church that I have never attended. St. Cuthbert’s in Leaside has a family history for me though, that they couldn’t possibly know, my Great Grandfather (a carpenter) built the pews in that church and my Grandfather attended there for years. This of course is a side history that no one there knows. The kids there heard about Josh and decided they wanted to do something to cheer him up, and these beautiful canvas’s were the result. They even came with two books, one for Josh and one for Kaleb.
When Josh saw them, and I read all the messages to him he gently touched the painted and hands and whispered a quiet ‘wow’. I have to admit that I was just as awed. 
In a world often gone mad its the little children who shall lead us…

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