Hero for a minute

For those of you who read my post the other day about the ‘joys’ of motherhood I have an update… today I got called the ‘best car finder EVER’ by my sweet child whose been mad all week about the missing blue and green car (which I finally discovered was ‘Carla’ from Cars2). After learning that the car had eyes I realized it was from the movie so I google imaged it and after scrolling through the pictures he finally found it and while he was out I went to Toys R Us and replaced it… with the LAST one in the store! Literally it was the only one there, I had to ask someone for help when I couldn’t find it and he went into the back and found one last box of cars in the back, and in that last box was ONE Carla! So for a few moments I was a hero.

The yesterday I decided to clear out our play room, donate toys that were too young for them, resort the toys that had been mixed up, and rotate the toys that they were bored with. In the process of doing this I pulled out all the Cars cars and put them into circulation. This morning, when the boys hit the playroom and discovered all their old toys it was like Christmas morning and I was crowned Queen of lost cars.

My post the other day, while satirical had that scent of truth that makes is both tragic and funny all that the same time. Motherhood, is hard. Being a Mom means you are everything to the little men/women you are raising. That means it is you who takes the most hits when things go wrong, when something is lost it’s you who is meant to find it, when something hurts it’s you who is meant to fix it, and you who hears about it via whining until it is fixed. When a drink is needed it’s you who is demanded of, when the park is calling it’s you who expected to give up whatever you are doing to take them, when a fight between siblings breaks out it’s you who is meant to mediate it.

BUT; and this is the biggest BUT in life… when the ouchies are fixed (via kiss or band-aid) it’s you who gets the snuggles, when the toy is found it’s you who are the hero of the moment, when the fights are over it’s you who dealt fairly with them, when a drink is needed it’s you who has sustained your kid, when the park is calling it is you who gets to enjoy watching them giggle and play. When they are sick, as kids often are, it’s you who they call for comfort, it’s you who can make them feel better with just a little cuddle and cool hand on the forehead. It’s you. So while it’s the hardest job I have ever had, it’s also the sweetest paying deal of a lifetime. No job will ever have the same satisfaction, offer the same benefits or bonus’s.

For the moment I am a hero, and for now that’s enough to make forget that for the past week I have been a monster in disguise. 🙂



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