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Today, across the nation, or more appropriately I should say the across the globe there are thousands of people saying at least one prayer for Joshua as we head into his catheterizaton and planning for surgery. This never ceases to blow my mind! I am still so touched and awed by the many who have set today aside as a day of prayer and fasting for our son.  I always think about God sitting up in heaven listening to all these voices begging for healing on Joshua’s behalf and I smile because God is listening… and he will act. That is pretty awesome. It’s awesome to know that the God who created the stars, who named every single one of them, who spoke life onto this planet with a word, who made man from dust, who filled the oceans with beauties that no human eye will ever see; that same God is right now, this very moment hearing about Joshua and he’s listening. How cool is that?

Last night as I was praying I had this image of the woman who is so sure that Jesus can heal her that as he passes by she reaches out to touch his coat. I kind of feel like her some days, knowing that I might not know what to ask for, what to say in words but knowing that if I just reach out and grasp his coat he will act on my behalf. How I long to know a full and whole Joshua, what a gift it would be.

I have been doing all kinds of research on the latest in CHD research and technology and I am so full of hope for Joshua and for kids like him. I will be linking some of the latest studies to this post at the bottom. It’s an exciting time for CHD patients (adults and kids alike). There is no cure, but there is certainly hope for one, one day.

I know that I have asked this of you before, but in my heart of hearts I believe that the more people who know about CHD the better these kids chances will be in the future. There are so many ways that you can help, just reading this blog is already a start. Go to the Congenital Heart Defect page of this blog to learn more, learn about how to give to organizations like the CCHA that focus on the adult system, research and caring for those who have left the pediatric facilities. Look into organizations like the Cardiac Kids who strive to help families struggling with living with a child with CHD and helping the kids find moments of joy in the midst of the pain. You are one voice, but together we are two and with all the readers that take the time to pop by this blog we could have an army of informed people. Write and email to your Government Representative and ask for CHD awareness to become a priority, ask your local media why they aren’t making this issue one of their headlines, talk with your friends and neighbours; even if all you do is read and share this blog then you are doing something and that means so much to us and to families like ours. It means so much to the thousands of adult survivors who are even now struggling to survive in the broken adult care system. (There, that’s my speech… I will get to the exciting new research now).

 Here are two of the very interesting and exciting studies that are showing up in the news this week. The idea that this is happening now gives me great hope for the next few years. I obviously wish that we were further along in the research, that people were more aware, that funds were more readily available but I can’t believe how far we have come in even that last five years from when Josh was born.

Cardiologists hit ‘print’ to help solve challenging cardiac problems
Gene found that regenerates heart tissue


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