May 16th

In July of 2011 people around the world gathered around us in a day of prayer and fasting for Joshua as we and he prepared for more surgery. Next week he goes in for his catheterization and on the following Monday they will again sit around a table and make decisions regarding Josh’s next intervention. The decisions are crucial, the factors many. Today it’s been confirmed that these same dear people who arranged a day of prayer and fasting for our son will again begin a day of prayer and fasting. On May 16th they will all take time from their busy lives to fast, and to pray. Then they will meet at the chapel in St. Paul’s to pray together for one purpose only. My son. I cry as I write this, not because I am sad but because I am so deeply moved by the love and support we are receiving. I think of all the horrible things in the news this week; Tim Bosma and his tragic end comes first to my mind. We are surrounded in the news by all these horrific crimes, car bombs, threats of war, reigns of terror, people killing people for no other reason that a truck, little girls being taken and held captive for years on end.. it’s enough to depress anyone. Yet, in my attempt to look up from the mud, guts and gore of earth and I see many many stars. Stars with names of all the people who step into help when no one else will, stars who pray for strangers in times of need, stars who do whatever they can to shine a light in our world. For us, the stars are shining so brightly in the faces of friends and loved ones and to our surprise the thousands of strangers who are praying for a little five year old boy they have never met.

Sadly, Tim and I will not be able to attend the chapel service on the 16th, I wish I could, the love in that room gave me goose bumps the last time I went. I will be praying though, and I invite all you to come and pray as well. Or, if you are like and and unable to attend, I encourage you to say a little pray for Josh that day.

I know that there is a whole host of things to pray for, and I know it’s always helpful to know what to pray for… so here it goes.

~That Joshua knows only peace going into these tests next week
~That his pain is minimal
~That the images they get are clear and easily show what needs to happen
~ That no clots form that could cause Josh and further trouble
~That when the doctors meet they are guided by the Holy Spirit to the right decision regarding his next surgery
~That as his parents we are strong, at peace, hopeful through out
~ That Kaleb will not feel abandonned through out the coming months of being shipped around while Tim and I care for Joshua.
~ That the nightmares that plagued Josh last time are a thing of the past
~That he is healed, touched by the hand of God himself and healed in ways that doctors can only say are miraculous!

Thank you to everyone who organized this event, thank you for all those who are planning to partake in this day of fasting and prayer, and thank you in general to those in the world who choose to work towards making things right in this world, to those who make efforts to brings peace, hope and light into the darkess we are surrounded by.

My heart felt thanks.


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