Mothers with or without kids

There is something about Mothers day that I find particularly special, it’s not just because I am a Mom either. I have always thought of it as a special day because I have been blessed with a really wonderful friend in my own mother. However, the last few weeks I have been thinking about those who are less fortunate than I am, those who grew up with negligent Moms, or abusive ones. Not all women make great Moms, that’s just the very sad reality of it.  I have also been thinking about all the women who would really like to be mothers but for whatever reason can’t. How sad this day must be for them, with all the mothers day stuff crammed down their throats for days and weeks on end. Of course, once I thought about these things I started to think about all the women, who help to raise our kids, women who may not be mothers but who teach our children, who love them and guide them and offer them a different perspective. I think of women in my own life who don’t have children, but who have ‘mothered’ me over the years. I think of friends who have not had great examples of a ‘Mom’ in their own mother, but who have been shown through other women what motherhood should look like. I think of the sunday school teachers, the aunts, the sisters, the friends who have stepped in to help children and I say… Why is just mothers we are celebrating? Why do you have to have a child to be thanked for the thankless job of mothering? The women I know who have stepped up and ‘mothered’ while childless themselves are doing so out of pure love for our children (that’s a royal ‘our’ not just my kids), they are not doing it because they are their kids and they have to, doesn’t that make their sacrifices even more thanks worthy? Doesn’t that make them even more deserving of praise, love and gratitude?

So, this post is for Moms, of all shapes and sizes, with kids or without. This post is for the women who have birthed kids and those who have some that they selflessly love even though they may not share blood. This is for the women who have never known the comfort of their own mothers unconditional love but have felt it through the lives of others. This is for the many aunts, teachers, friends who have stepped up and waded in when it would have been easier to walk away.

I heartily thank you, I acknowledge you and I appreciate you!

For my own dear Mother,

There were times in my younger years that I took you for granted, times that I was cruel and mean and selfish. There were times when you had every right to walk away from me and not think twice about it. Yet through it all you have not only stood by me, but you have come to my rescue, loved me, been a friend when I had no one else, and stood up for me when I didn’t deserve it. There is no greater teacher, no greater friend in my life than you. I could write a million words in this post about how much I love you and yet it still wouldn’t be enough. Thank you Mom. I love you!

Happy Mothers day!



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