fastest stroke clinic in the history of us…

Today Josh and I went again to Sick Kids. This time we went to see the Neurologist who follows him post stroke. Now, usually this clinic is one of the painfully long and boring ones. We see numerous doctors, answer hundreds of questions for the various research studies Josh is a part of and then of course there is almost always some visits with nurses etc. We prepared Josh by telling him it would be long, and very boring. I brought a drink and snack for him and his video game was in my purse in case he needed to be entertained by something other than me… though I am quite entertaining.

As it turns out, today there were only five children lined up for the clinic and we saw everyone that we needed to see within two hours of our appointment time (this is a record I am sure!).

The result, Josh’s MRI results are good. There have been no follow up strokes and he’s stable. (good news!) They are a little concerned with the length of time it’s taking him to recover from the stroke though and they have ordered an EEG to see what’s happening in his brain. As it turns out, a number of kids who have suffered a stroke have scar tissue that can cause small seizures in the brain, blocking them from developing at the age appropriate times. She explained that if this is happening to Josh, particularly since it’s in the language area of the brain, then it could just be a simple (?) matter of getting him on medication to stop seizures. She said that a lot of kids that are put on the meds can go on to reach their milestones in a more timely manner.

I have to admit… I am almost praying that he’s having seizures and that it will explain his many developmental delays, but the thought of putting him back on anti-seizure meds makes me a bit nervous. Either way, I am happy to know that things are being taken care of.

She also assured me that during the pre-op for his catheterization (May 21st) she will make sure that someone stops by to speak with the cardiologist about taking measures to prevent a second stroke during the procedure, as well as helping manage his meds for any upcoming surgery. This puts my mind at ease because if I am honest that is one of my fears about this upcoming procedure. I am terrified he’ll suffer another stroke (though I am told the chances are slim to none).

So that is today’s update from the Haughton House. Once again, I have appreciated all your warm emails and prayers. Knowing that all of you care so much helps a great deal in knowing we are not alone.



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