the beauty behind the reflection

On occasion I enjoy taking pictures… 🙂 which is an understatement I realize, but it’s one of those tools that came to me when I held my first camera. It allows me to see the world through fresh eyes, and find the beauty in everything. Even something ugly can be made beautiful. Let’s not even discuss people, there are so many people who think of themselves as ‘ugly’ for the lack of a better word, and yet always… and I mean that… ALWAYS… there is something beautiful to be found. I once knew a girl who thought she was ugly, she thought she was over weight… but when I looked at her I saw a petite frame, pale translucent skin and the most striking blue eyes. She was beautiful. It made me wonder about what we see in the mirror, because what we see there is only ever a reflection… it’s not something that is real. We will never see our real selves. Have you ever thought about that? We can look at a reflection or a photo but it’s not really who we are projecting to the world. So, I set about trying to see people for who they are, who they are when they aren’t a reflection.

Someone I love dearly once told me that I was gifted at landscape photography, but that I didn’t capture people very well… so while mildly hurt I decided that I wouldn’t do another landscape until I could master getting people right. I still don’t… because getting people is harder than you can imagine. Catching those moments when the persons eyes are alight with laughter, or joy recognized, or even their sadder selves is not an easy task. Trying to get the closet version to who they are is my goal because as I mentioned… everyone is beautiful in some way, shape or form.

On the weekend as a special girls night to celebrate my birthday a friend of mine and I went to a photo exhibit where all the pictures were taken with phones, all using instagram. Now, I had stopped using instagram because of the privacy issue back in January but have since learned that it’s no longer an issue… so I am back to one of my favorite apps! I am very excited about it too! I can’t stop taking pictures and it’s annoying my kids. (not that I mind annoying them too much).

Kaleb’s strengths are his eyes, and his facial expressions. He can use his ‘cute’ face and win a heart forever.

You are starting to see why I love this app so much. I can take the mundane and practice my art while at the same time being a part of the occasion and not separate from it. 
I celebrated my birthday with the boys and some friends… Josh, whose eyes are spactacluar were my focus on this next shot. Im a Mom, so trying to see him as anything but beautiful is hard… but his eyes… those eyes.
Now… since the boys don’t always co-operate let me show you my self portraits… because this was done using an app… on a phone! The need for a camera has not been lost… but these phones are giving them a run for their money!
Next time you pick up your phone, or camera… take a self portrait.. focus on your strengths and you will see the beauty that lies behind the reflection of you.
The reason for this post… I want people to start looking behind the lies that are whispered in their ears. I want them to see the beauty they each have. Young girls especially. In fact, my next project will be photographing young women and showing them what I see. If you would like to be a part of the project contact me at and book your shoot. There is a 50% discount being offered if you should choose to buy the photos when they are done. 
I think it’s time we (especially women) start to work together to help women who suffer from self esteem.


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