Another year older

Yesterday I had the privilege of celebrating another birthday… one of many I am proud to say! I remember when I was younger my thirties loomed before me and I approached them with a wary dismay of impending doom. Had I known then what I know now I would have wished for them sooner. My thirties have been the best years of my life. Every year brings more strength, more wisdom and countless blessings but also the ability to see the blessings for what they are. I don’t feel older, certainly no more mature, but I feel a better ability to handle the responsibility that age and years bring. Every line on my face has a story and most of those stories start with laughing until I cried. I know that most women prefer to think of themselves as younger, age is something that most women dread, we sag, we get grey hairs, and of course the lines. Our skin loses it’s elasticity and what not. However, I am not not only old enough to know better, but I am old enough to want better for myself, for my kids and for my marriage and community. I am old enough to enjoy the little things, old enough to appreciate the people in my life who have made sacrifices for me, old enough to actually enjoy my life. I am no longer ‘looking forward’ to growing up, I am up. I am as up as I can be given that life throws curve balls at a fast rate and if they hit you, they hurt. Being older is a blessing that few woman take the time to actually acknowledge. We are alive, and that in itself is something to thank God for.

So, here’s to being another year older, another year wiser! What a great great birthday! If my thirties are this good I can’t wait to be forty! 😀


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