what a week…

In an attempt to escape and have a break from the waiting and stress that comes with waiting I pulled Joshua out of school on wednesday and Kaleb, Josh and I made the trek to the cottage for a couple of days off. The trip was rough, just as we were passing the Tim Hortons just off the 400 past Vaughn Kaleb started to have asthma trouble, and as I was pulling off the highway Josh started to vomit. I pulled over in what I thought was a clear area but it turns out that it was a truck pass through… needless to say I was standing in the rain with one kid covered in vomit, one kid struggling to breathe and trucks honking at me. My first thought was to turn around and go home but first I had to move the car, strip Josh and get Kaleb his meds. Once all that was complete I got Josh a bagel at Tim Hortons (hoping some food would settle the tummy). Once back in the car I decided that since I was almost half way there already I would continue the trip as planned. Before long both boys were asleep and the rest of the trip was fairly easy. More trouble began when Kaleb woke up once we got the cottage, his asthma was getting bad and no matter how many times I gave him the rescue meds he didn’t seem to perk up at all. I finally popped him in the bath and he was so lethargic that after a few minutes he wanted to lie down (not helpful in a tub full of water). I got him out of the tub and he lay in my lap wrapped in a towel while my Mom and Dad got Josh sorted out. I finally figured out (yes it took me this long) that the rescue meds I brought for Kaleb were actually expired and not working. I called the pharmacy and got a prescription transferred to the local Shoppers. Once he started to get his meds (working ones) he began slowly to perk up again. It was a long night, and though not fully better yet he’s doing much better.

Thursday brought with it the news that Joshua’s next round of tests (a catheterization and cardiac MRI) will take place on the 22nd of May with his pre-op on the 21st.  So, three more weeks of waiting and then we should have enough information to decide how best to proceed.

As always I will keep you all posted as we learn more.

We are home now and Kaleb is recovering, though grumpy.

What a week!


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