Heaven Hugs

I love God’s timing on things. As you can imagine it’s been a hard week for us and it’s not promising to get any easier any time soon. This morning was rough, fears and doubts are plaguing me and I have been at a loss for words. However, today after picking Josh up from school I came home to find that the mail had come. I opened the mailbox and found a large envelope from Bloorview school. Now, for those who are new to this blog I will quickly update…

Due to Joshua’s stroke Joshua has many therapy needs but his biggest deficit is his language. He suffers from both receptive and expressive language impairment. Finding therapy for Joshua has been a long and very stressful road. We have tried everything we can think of to get him the help he needs. It wasn’t until earlier this year that we finally found a therapist who was able to help him and I promise you she isn’t coming cheap. Thanks to the Bishop’s company we have been able to access her services but we won’t be able to keep it up for very long. During the struggle to find help we were told about Bloorview school, (a school based at the Holland Bloorview rehab hospital). Getting in was a very long shot… so long that I didn’t really expect anything. I almost didn’t even bother with the interview process because it just seemed like one more fruitless appointment. However, I went to the interview, fell in love with the program that they offer and left feeling even worse because I had no real hope for Josh getting accepted but in my heart I knew that if ever there was a school that would help Joshua this was it.

Today, when I opened the mail I read that Joshua has been ACCEPTED to their program! A two year program (to be reviewed after a year) focused on mainly his language but also offering him his physio therapy as well as his Occupational therapy. All of this at the same time being a Senior Kindergarten and possibly grade one school program.

I have been waiting months for this… to find out the day after hearing he needs more surgery feels like a little hug from God. A little way for him to remind me once again that Josh is in his hands and to cheer me up.

I know that so many of you (hundreds of readers now) are praying for Joshua and will continue to pray him through this next surgery and time of suffering. I wanted to share the good news with you so that you too can rejoice in this with me.

This is yet another reminder that we can only hang onto today… because we just don’t know what tomorrow holds.


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2 thoughts on “Heaven Hugs

  1. Hugs Laurie, I understand Bloorview is a great place. My niece Chris had taken her boys there . [Yes she has twins, both in wheel chairs among other things] so this is good news. That Josh needs surgery again soon… not so good. Yes God is good and will walk with you through this as He has before, but my heart breaks for you both and Josh too. Our prayers for you all for strength and wisdom as you move through another tunnel. There is light at the end, Hang in there.


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