Please pray

As you have heard the last few days Josh has been struggling, the main issue of course is that he’s tired but there are symptoms that are worrying us. The last month has been particularly difficult for him and though I have tried to put the worry aside it finally came to a head on the weekend and I contacted our Cardiologist. She booked us in as soon as possible for an ECHO and a ECG and a clinic visit. So. Tomorrow for good or for ill we head back to Sick Kids for more tests. I write this to you because I am asking for prayer. I don’t know what they will do or say tomorrow that will help but I do know that Josh is having a really hard time lately and watching him struggle has been tough. Please, pray for Josh if you think of him tomorrow… and pray for the doctor for wisdom… and then pray for Mum… I don’t know what I need but God does.

ECHO – 10am
Clinic – 1PM

Thank you!


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