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Hope on the horizon

Today I had the absolute pleasure of finally seeing an article in the Toronto news (Globe and Mail) that featured CHD and the crisis that has arisen in our country when it comes to the care of it’s adult patients. It was like a balm to the soul to see it in print, to know that someone other than me cares, to know that it’s a problem that people are trying to have addressed. It gave me; in a word. HOPE.

I was talking to my Dad about raising awareness for CHD and how frustrating the process was. I shared how annoying it was that no one seemed to care, least of all was the media or anyone who could actually have a larger voice than mine – a mere heart Mom. My Dad is a PR specialist and has YEARS of experience with the media, fundraising, news, journalist, along with any manner of issues revolving around communications, he even wrote a book called ‘the media and the message’ for organizations on how to cope with the media. He’s an expert in crisis management and has dealt with all manner of ‘crisis’ situations in many number of organizations and company’s; I tell you this because of all the people who will know and understand my frustration it is going to be my Dad. What he said to me was this… ‘sadly, getting people interested in CHD is going to be like Chinese water torture – You just have to keep plugging away at it’. Not hopeful, but certainly I understand what he means.

So, you see why I am excited that a story was picked up in the news??

Here is is:

Living with Congenital Heart Disease


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