My guys are helping raise awareness this year! Will you join them?

In all my research I am finding that Canadians are not as involved in CHD awareness. There are Moms out there dedicated but the media is a tough nut to crack and though districts and communities are declaring February 14th ‘official’ CHD awareness, the sad reality is that still most media are not getting involved. I would like to see this change… as would my guys. I need your help with this like never before. COME ON CANADA! We are a proud and mighty nation, we can be LOUD when it comes to hockey, Tim Hortons, our toughness against the weather… I am asking you to GET LOUD for our heart warriors too! Help me out. Share the posts about CHD awareness and help these two little men with their cause. It matters… it’s not a funny joke, they aren’t trying to get a puppy, they don’t want a trip to Disney land if they get 1 million likes… they just want you to know about CHD, what it is, what it does to the kids affected, what you can do to help. Josh wants it for himself, so that he can grow up big and tall and one day be a fireman or a hockey player (depends on any given day) and Kaleb wants it for his big brother, because he loves him and considers him his best friend.  Me? I want it because there are more kids out there than just mine, more little brothers and sisters who want to have their sibling around for the long haul, more kids who know all to well the pain and suffering of living with CHD. Kids who are not yet born who could have their lives saved with early screening and proper care, and I want my son to grow up and find that there the health community cares about him and has the ability to help him when he’s ready for it.


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