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Next month is February, and that to this Blog means that it’s CHD awareness month. For the past few years I have devoted every February to raising awareness about CHD, it’s affects on the patient, the family, what needs to be done, what’s being done and anything else that has anything to do with congenital heart defects. I have been doing fresh research and I have to say there is some cool stuff happening in the world of heart science! What I am sadly aware of though, is the serious lack of ‘Canadian’ Support that CHD is receiving. You don’t get a lot of info (new at least) from anything Canadian, not the government, not the researchers, not the doctors or news media. This is an old lament (see last February blogs to see the frustrations I faced trying to raise awareness last year). This year I am starting fresh. I have been gearing up and getting re-energized for a new awareness month. As a ‘Heart Mum’ it’s now become my job (especially if no one else is going to do it) to be a voice for the kids who have CHD, and for those who will be born with it. You can view my page on this blog that is devoted to congenital heart defects for more facts and figures but please, come back through out february to hear and learn more! 
All that being said, if you are a heart parent, a patient or a health care provider who wants to share your story,  contact me and I will make room for your post on the blog for this important issue! 

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