If you had know me when…

If you had known me in you my younger years and then met me today you would probably not recognize me. I was an angry and rebellious kid looking to cause trouble when possible; most of which only ended up hurting me. To see me then and find out that I am now a Pastor’s wife makes many people laugh. One man was quoted as saying ‘God certainly has a sense of humor!’. The truth is, that while in the thick of my rebellion and against myself, God and anyone else in authority over me I was never far from the calls of His still and quiet voice. I look back now through a lens of God’s love and what I see are the thousands of times he came in to rescue me, the way he took care of me and how he guided me straight to his waiting arms. Now that I am here, and facing being a Senior Pastors wife I would be remiss to not tell you how that terrifies me! Too many times I have been called ‘Atypical’ and ‘non traditional’ in my approach to my ‘role’. This has led me to a serious question… one that I am hoping I will get some responses to… What is a ‘typical’ pastors wife look like? What is a traditional pastors wife doing that it is so traditional? Is the generation changing things or are they still looking for this type of woman?

Seriously at a loss here and would love your input as I make steps to support my husband in his new role.



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One thought on “If you had know me when…

  1. Whether you're a pastor's wife or not – the 'traditional' wife in general (in my opinion) shows love, compassion, support and the overall well-being of someone other than yourself.You go girl – from listening to Tim's sermons/messages and meeting you at various social events, Little T is blessed to have \”both\” of you! Sandi


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