Happy now?

During lunch today the boys were being particularly cute, rare as usually they are picking at the food and arguing with me about how much they should or shouldn’t eat. Today however we had pizza and so it went down without a hitch. Once the food was finished they got down and were headed down to play, Kaleb was the last to finish so with Josh already downstairs it was just Kaleb and I. He asked me if he could get down, and then hopped off his chair and headed down stairs, before he reached the top of the stairs I asked him for a kiss so he turned and raced back and planted a big wet one on my face, then promptly turned and headed back to the stairs, so I asked him for a hug too. This was met with a loud ‘No’ as he rounded the corner. As a joke I said ‘Oh, Mummy is sad’ and before I knew it he had come back around the corner and was throwing his arms open for a giant hug. Once given he again turned and raced around the corner to the top of the stairs but before he could descend he stopped and popped his head around the corner and said ‘you happy now?’… (not in a sarcastic way but in a way that said he really cared that I was happy). I told him that I was very happy and he smiled and then stopped, again just to make sure and said ‘you not sad anymore?’. When I told him that I was the happiest Mummy ever he smiled and ran down the stairs to join his brother in a game of pirates.

Sometimes I forget that being a Mum is the most rewarding job in the world, I take it for granted and often feel taken for granted. Most days are filled with demands, fights, he said vs. he said, messes to clean, diapers to change, food to make (and coax into them) and well… you get the idea. Most days when they go to bed I feel like I have fought a battle and am wearing the battle scars for all the world to see. I sit down on the couch at the end of the day and feel like I have merely ‘survived’ rather than enjoyed the latest day of mummyhood and I forget that it only takes a moment for them to remind me that I am the lady of their hearts right now.

Today, after lunch when I was sitting in the warm glow that is my son’s desire to see me happy and loved I was reminded that it’s the hardest things in life that are the most rewarding. I sat, had a coffee and acknowledged all the moments I take for granted and tried humility on for size.


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