Guys… guys…

The prefix ‘guys, guys’ has been added to a lot of new things that I say in this house lately… there is ‘guys, guys…. wait’ or ‘guys, guys… stop’ or of course ‘guys, guys… be nice to each other’. There are many more, in fact, think of anything you might want to say to a kid and add ‘guys, guys…’ to the beginning of the sentence and you will be hearing what goes on in my home on a daily basis. I am not sure where the prefix came from, when it started or why I can’t seem to stop but you get the idea. It’s not the only prefix, there is always ‘BOYS… (insert next words here). What is important here is not where it came from but what it means when I tell you this next little story.

Tonight Tim and I took the boys out for supper, we have been away for a few days of celebrating Christmas with my family and when we got home we were too tired to make supper so off to Swiss Chalet we went. As we were sitting there, Josh colouring his picture and Tim and Kaleb arguing over some silly thing Josh put up his hands and with an exasperated tone said ‘guys, guys… stop!’ Then when Tim and Kaleb stopped for a second out of shock he went back to his colouring and with a big sigh he said ‘it’s been a long day’. I have to admit that I nearly spit my coffee all over Tim because I was laughing so hard. He sounded so much like me that I had no choice but to giggle and I won’t lie there was a part of me that wanted to jump up and down with joy because Josh is finally starting to use his words to communicate his feelings, share his thoughts, tell us what he’s doing etc.

This past month Tim and I have been watching Josh and both of us have noticed huge gains in Josh\’s development. It\’s been incredible really, his sentences are clearer, his thoughts more easily understood and articulated. I don\’t know if we are doing something different or if Josh is just finally starting to heal. I don\’t necessarily care either. All I care about is that this week he was understood by people who don\’t really know him, he had conversations with people outside of his normal circle and he understood and he was understood. What a beautiful thing that is! It seems that God likes to give wonderful Christmas gifts to us, one year is was a happy smiling face just a few days post op, this year it\’s the dawning of a language for our son. We are so blessed.

So you see now why the ‘guys, guys…’ isn’t so much about the sentence as it is about the meaning behind who said it that counts. I can’t wait to see how the weeks and month progress!

I hope you all had a happy Christmas!


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