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Sometimes all it takes is a moment to realize how incredible our lives are, what gifts they are, and how special it is that we are here at all. There are things in this world that are ugly, there is needless suffering like this latest tragic super storm that has left devastation in her wake. There is pain, there is sickness and there is death and war and violent crime. However, once and a while if you stop and look there is also a really beauty. Sometimes beauty is hiding in the ashes, sometimes it’s hanging by a limb, leaves that are dying for the season. Sometimes, it’s those moments of beauty are what remind me that God isn’t just a big guy out there in the distance, he’s daily giving us little gifts, treats for the eyes, smiles from Him.

Have you ever thought about the seasons? Spring with it’s crocus’s poking their purple pedals through the snow, the tulips in every colour of the rainbow, the soft smell of a spring shower, the summer warmth that heats the bones, the beaches, with soft sand and cool shorelines, the autumn that eases the heat with it’s cool chill, that brightens every tree with reds, yellows and oranges that shine so bright in the early morning sun. Then of course there is the winter, the snow that falls softly, landing on the fir trees and show a stark contrast between the dark green and pure white. No painter, no matter how good can recreate the reality of the seasons.  Just as he created each leaf unique and beautiful, each snow flake with it’s own stunning design, each sunset a different array of colour and designs so too he created us, and how much more time and effort went into us?

I had a lot of time to think the other day, wandering around High Park in Toronto while scouting shooting locations and with every step, every new treat for my eyes I was reminded how much He loves me, how special He thinks I am, and How beautiful He thinks I am.

Just some random thoughts I wanted to share.



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