30 Hours

This post is a call out to all of Josh’s prayer warriors… We need you in the next 30hours. Let me explain.

As most of you know, In August we were denied an assessment with Bloorview for speech, on the grounds that he didn’t quite fit into their category for care (he didn’t have CP and his stroke was before 6 months of age). Bloorview denying him was a huge blow because it’s the best, and only hope we had left for Josh to receive the therapy we need. We still do not understand the decision, and if I am honest I am still struggling with a  little anger and frustration over the issue.

In recent weeks one of my readers and a woman who attends our church has taken up our fight and managed to get in touch with the director of the ABI Clinic (Acquired Brain Injury Clinic) We were told to send a new referral directly to him, and believed that Josh would finally get the care he so desperately needs.

On Friday I heard that nothing would change. We would need to go through the same doctor we had seen before and try again. I can’t tell you what it feels like, to hope beyond hope, praise God that you have an answer, and then find out that it wasn’t actually going to happen. It rips your guts out, deflates you, and when I am totally honest with myself it allowed me to really question God. Why all the ups and downs? Why the false hope? Why all the road blocks.

Just yesterday morning I was thinking on these things, as I prepared to call Bloorview again (I called on Friday too) to try and get a new appointment. Instead I put the phone down and prayed and decided that I would leave it alone. I would let God do what he would do. Yesterday afternoon I got a call from Bloorview, his first doctor is willing to do a follow up appointment with him, it’s my chance to talk to her again about the speech issue.

This is where you come in… as Josh’s prayer warriors. I am going to try talking to these people again, I am going to plead for mercy on his behalf, I am going to beg, and I am going to need them to have open hearts, soft hearts, open minds in order for us to get any kind of positive response. Please, pray for these doctors, pray for Joshua, and pray for me as I try to remain strong while fighting this incredibly long fight. Pray that this time, they accept him and give him what he needs, and pray that it’s not another false lead, but actual help.

Thank you so much, each and every one of you have meant the world to us. Some of you I do not even know and yet when I reach heaven I will see you, know you, and be able to say thank you for all the prayers, work, and help that you have given to Joshua. For now, a blanket thank you will need to do. I appreciate you all so much.

Joshua’s appointment is set for 1:45 pm tomorrow afternoon. (Hence the 30 hours of prayer )


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