Monday doesn’t always suck.

Monday tend to really suck these days… Josh and Kaleb both take it upon themselves to make me feel like the worst mother in the world for leaving them to fend for themselves in school and generally by the time I walk home again I am emotionally worn out. Today however, God have me two gifts. The first was small by comparison to the second… You see, Kaper’s birthday present arrived! I am so excited to open it, to set it up for him and see his sweet face get all excited about it… but alas I have to again show patience (for those of you who read regularly you know this is NOT my strong character suit). Two weeks tomorrow is the big day that my baby officially leaves the toddler years behind and joins the world of ‘child’. I can’t believe it… really can’t believe it.

The biggest, best, more amazing gift I got today was to learn that one of my best friends from my Austrian days, the friend who cried with me when I needed it, the friend who laughed with me and snowboarded with me, who helped me when I needed it, traveled with me when we needed an escape, the friend I held so dear… today I learned that she is moving to Toronto! I can not contain my excitement about it… just to think of having her so close at hand makes me smile from the inside out.

Monday isn’t sucking as badly now as it was a few hours ago…

God is good.



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