Live to Give

I am not sure if you are like me at all… some of you may be and some maybe not. However, if you are like me then you will understand when I say sometimes I think that I am just got ‘gifted enough’ or ‘too small’ (that’s figurative not literal) to do much for God. I would like to think I have many HUGE gifts and talents that God is going to use in GIANT ways to work for the Kingdom, but in the daily grind I find that my heart doesn’t really buy it. I of course want to make an impact on the people around me, but I have no special calling, I am not (for example) my husband, who has a gift of preaching and disciplining people. Rather I am sort of insignificant in my own eyes.

Before you all start emailing me… and I know some of you will. Let me say this.

I was asked to review a book called ‘Live to Give’, and when I read the outline I jumped at the opportunity. To discover what hidden talents I might have that God could use would benefit me greatly right?! So I set about reading the book. It’s an easy read and totally relevant in every day life. As I read this book I discovered that I do have gifts, I do have talents, and God uses small people, doing small things, to make HUGE impacts all the time!

One particular story stood out to me as particularly relevant. It was about the boy with the loaves and fish… You know the one right? The feeding of the 5000. Have you thought about the boy in the story? I know that I never have. I have looked at Jesus and how he meets the needs of the people, I have studied the reactions of the disciples but I have never wondered about the boy. The faith it took for him to pack a meager meal and walk for who knows how long to hear about Jesus. A young boy who had no seemingly BIG talents but merely a loaf of bread and a few fish. Yet, he was used to feed a multitude. This book covers a lot more about that boy then I have, but in a small post I don’t have the time, and then it would be a spoiler and not a review. Instead I will tell you that it’s worth the read. Pick it up!

So, while I may not have seen talents worthy of HUGE impact… I have no idea what God is planning next, no way of knowing what loaf of bread mine that he might use to feed a multitude. The only thing I need to do… the only thing the boy had to do… was get up and walk, follow Jesus and obey.



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