What was He thinking?

In a surprising development today Josh announced with a strange (not good) look on his face… ‘I can’t talk’…

I mentioned that he just talked to me… but he didn’t seem convinced.

It leaves me to ponder.. is this why he is not enjoying school? Does he realize that the other kids express themselves differently? How do I combat this and reassure him?

He hasn’t been himself since starting school, he’s been sad and tired and struggling with anxiety. Is it because he thinks he can’t talk? Is he struggling with making friends as a result? Does he think he’s different?

Ah my baby… how in the world do I reach him? How in the world do I teach him self confidence and independence? Sometimes I just don’t feel up to the task of raising this amazing little boy… sometimes I wonder what in the world God was thinking when he charged me with his care. My failures, his struggles… they make me ache.


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