New School…

September 4th… oh how quickly it has come upon us. Josh’s first day of staggered entry to JK. It feels like yesterday when I was standing by his bed at Sick Kids, saying hello to him for the very first time. So much time has flown by and now my little boy is making his first steps into main stream school. His new backpack will be fitted to his back, over his rain coat and meeting his teacher that will guide him through the coming year. There is a part of me who is excited and a part of me who wants to keep him home where I know he’s safe and sound, where I cuddle him when he needs it and kiss him if he gets hurt. I have said this before… but my guys are my heart walking and this week my heart will be walking alone through the halls of a new school with kids he doesn’t know, kids who will be with him for the next number of years, kids who could be friend him or kids who will hurt him. My hope is that he will grow stronger, wiser, and better able to communicate. That his self confidence will grow daily and that these kids he meets this week will be open and warm to him but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I am apprehensive about it.

Time will tell I suppose. Time will tell.


protect my sweet one, give him courage and strength of character to grow rather than wilt among these new friends. Give him the words he will need to make new friends and give him the wonder of adventure as he prepares for this new stage in life.


Mark 7:37 says “Everything He does is wonderful. He makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak.”


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