So blessed!

Since Tim’s arrival we have managed to pretend we are pirates, play at being helpful Santa’s elves and yesterday we made the transition to big boy bike for this little guy. So much has happened this summer, I have put my camera down as much as possible and instead of being an onlooker I have been thoroughly ensconced in whatever messy activity is happening. It’s been fun and exhausting, hard work and yet as I look at the boys through fresh eyes (I’ve had some sleep since Tim arrived) I have seen so much growth in them. I am so blessed, these two charts are growing into some sweet, funny, polite, protective young boys and it’s not lost on me how lucky I am to be given these gifts to raise.

I have not been blogging much this summer, I have been making the best use oft holiday time instead. It hasn’t been easy, these past four weeks have bee filled with a bloggers dream amount of blogging stories that hopefully some of which will make it to be published. One story though, one such story I can’t miss the opportunity to end on.

We went to Santa’s village on Monday. One of the last rides we went on was the roller coaster (which we did about four times). The very front seat was out of order so Josh and Tim took the second to front seats. Josh sat down, looked around him and then he looked up at his Dad and said ‘I want to sit up there!’ – full sentence! Keep praying!!

I have missed blogging! I am looking forward to posting regularly on my return!


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