Eden redeemed

The madness of prepping for 4 weeks at the cottage has begun! I can’t believe how much stuff it requires for three people to go two hours north for 4 weeks. Insanity! Add to that all the things that need finishing up, cleaning up or sorting out and it’s been a full week. Now, as I write I can pretty much say I am down to that last few things and it feels good. So I blog! 🙂

Yesterday I was in the garden, not cleaning the weeds out or anything, just observing the flowers, the bugs and enjoying the sun. My neighbor started to talk to me about the bugs, telling me all their characteristics that made them unique. The ants, and how they work with one brain, each doing their job and all that they can accomplish together as a colony. The bees, working just as hard at their jobs. Then he said that he wondered what we as humans could create if we all were a little more like bugs.

An interesting question, one that I can honestly say I have never pondered. Me? A bug? :s YUCK. However, it begged the question, what would we be like? I didn’t bother getting into the whole ‘fall’ issue with him, he’s not a believer at all and some topics are still of limits, but you know… I bet the whole purpose before the fall would have been a lot like we see in creation. All of us, with our special talents and gifts, all of us working in harmony, doing what needs to be done. No sin. Can you even imagine that?

Then I started to wonder about what it would be like when Eden has been redeemed, when we have been raised and restored and once again at one with our creator. Each of us, working our own special jobs, doing what we are best at, what we are passionate about, doing what pleases God. Can you even imagine that?

I enjoyed my time in the garden yesterday… even the bugs of all things! I still can’t say I enjoy flies, bees or ants but I can appreciate them a little bit more now.


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