Blessings – Laura Story from onamustardseedpath on GodTube.

 I created this video a while ago, but last night I came across it again online. It was so on target, so what I needed to hear. Yesterday I posted a call for help and I have to tell you I have been overwhelmed by the amounts of emails and facebook messages I have received! I have some exciting news to share, news that has God answered prayer all over it so I just had to share!

A woman in Texas, who has helped me out before and been a true warrior on behalf of people she’s never met (Your rock R), sent me a link to an organization in Ontario for kids and families dealing wit communication disorders. I phoned them and chatted with the woman working there for quite a while. She gave some good advice and showed me what my next steps should be and gave me some key names for people at the School Board etc. Then she told me about a summer camp for kids with language impairment. She gave me the name of the Dr. who is running the programme and I phoned. As it turns out, the summer camp is being run through Ryerson, it’s a research project which means that it’s FREE! How amazing is GOD?!?!? A woman in Texas reads my cry for help, she sends me to a woman in the 519 area code and somehow Josh lands in a summer camp perfectly designed for him and his needs (right in our price range) that is literally a 5 minute drive from my door!

Blessings… yeah, sometimes they come with raindrops. The point? They come.


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