sometimes it takes a kiss

As a Mom, have you ever thought about the things you used to hate when you were single? Sitting in the Doctors office, going to the ER and waiting for hours on end? Grocery shopping? Errands? How I hated those things. I wanted to be having fun, doing things I enjoy, spending time with friends or lounging on the couch with a good book. Planning my next adventure… Now, a trip to the Doctor (sans kids) means at least an hour wait that is all for ME! I can read… WOW. I can sit and people watch without worrying if my boys are wrestling on the floor over the one toy in the office, or chasing each other in circles and driving the other patients insane! It is unqualified ME time, and there is NO guilt because I have to be there, I have no choice in the matter. I remember once last year I got a really bad cut and I needed stitches, when I left to go to the ER to have it dealt with I was anxious. I knew it would take hours. What I found there was (and this will sound weird) peace. Even with all the craziness that happens in the ER, the drunk lady who wanted to go home, the homeless man who was fighting with the Medical staff, the nurse who was clearly having a bad night, or the old lady who was hitting the nurse for trying to get her to lie down. None of it interrupted my ME time. I was able to sit, read, watch people, and chat on the phone without being bugged for juice, entertainment, or in most cases to play referee in a fight or kiss an ouchie (resulting from said fight) better. Last night, I went grocery shopping. I hate shopping (food shopping – I should clarify that… I love shopping!). I always spend too much and I get grumpy with other shoppers who cut me off with their carts or stop mid isle to look at what they want to look at. Last night though, I sailed through those isles, grabbed up what we needed. There were no fist fights in the dual seats that I was pushing around, there was no pleads for cookies, no yelling that they wanted to hit the toy section. I could stop and peruse whatever I wanted and take as long as I wanted. BLISS. I realized last night how being a Mom, though the biggest blessing in my life, has taught me that I took a lot for granted about being single. I spent my single time wanting more, always looking at mothers and thinking ‘one day’, instead of just enjoying the wonder of being alone. There is something really wonderful about being single. Just as when the time was right, there is something wonderful about having kids. No, I can no longer be selfish and loaf around on the couch whenever I feel the urge, I can’t go out with friends at the last minute, I have to go against the grain and plan things rather just living it. I guess what I am saying is that there are so many benefits to both stages of life, but too often we miss it with our wanting the ever sought after ‘more’. The other day I had a headache of mammoth proportions. It got so bad that I honestly thought I would be sick. I had both boys home with me and all I could think about was the days I could sit on the couch and nurse my head without two boys jumping on me and screeching at me. Then, Kaleb asked me for some juice (in a very demanding tone) and I said ‘Kaper, Mummy has a big ouchie in my head.. can you wait a minute’. He looked at me quizzically and said ‘Mummy, ouchie?’ I said yes and he scooted over on the couch and said ‘doctor’ and kissed my forehead, then he rubbed it gently and kissed it again. Blessings in disguise. A kiss really does help you know. L


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