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Sometimes in life we need someone to come along tell us why we think they are special, why we love them, why we think they are doing an amazing job. Sometimes in life, we need someone to encourage us. My husband is having one of those weeks.  I wanted to let him know, outside of me saying it (which I have also done), but I wanted him to read it, see it black and white, the truth of the man he is, the man I love, the Father he is, the Pastor…

One of the the most amazing things about my husband is how quickly he can forgive, how fast he is to apologize if he is wrong, and sometimes when he’s not wrong but is sorry for his part in it. I learn from him in this area, it’s not easy for me to forgive a wound. He has taught me the value of a humble apology, and he’s taught me about grace through his quick and steady forgiveness. He has also helped me to understand that grace sometimes requires confrontation, that it’s not about being a doormat, allowing yourself to walked all over, but it’s about healthy conversational confrontation, mixed with apology and forgiveness. One of the things that I fell in love with him about him was that he is who he is. There is no pretense to be someone he’s not, there is no two sides to this incredible man. He’s Tim. Simple. When he is with our friends, he’s Tim, when he’s in church, he’s Tim when he’s with me, my family, work colleagues, he is still Tim. For all his faults and all his amazing qualities, he’s steady, committed, and full of an integrity that I often envy.

I have never, not once had a moment in our marriage to Tim, where I wasn’t extremely proud to say ‘He’s my husband’. He is smart (I mean really smart). If he decides he wants to learn something, he buys a book and teaches himself how to do it. From building a motor bike to rewiring our house. He’s kind, he is fun, he’s quiet and introsepctive, but his thoughts and feelings run deeper than you can imagine.

Does this man have faults… yes. 🙂 Shock of shock he’s not perfect (As his wife I can say truthfully that I am not in denial). However, I learn more from him every day about life and relationship than I do from anyone else.

As a pastor, I have watched his preaching grow, strengthen to become an impactful voice for God to use. His dedication to discipleship has won hearts for the Kingdom, and fills Tim with a sense of fulfillment. Walking with people, seeing them through the thick and thin spot of their lives, and their faith, allowing them to see him for all of his flaws and good qualities are what make him an amazing witness. He’s one man, one man to them, one man to God and one man to me and our boys. He is a man of character and integrity and he’s doing some amazing things for the Kingdom.

He needs to hear that today… He needs to know that regardless of how today goes, how next month goes, how next year turns out… I think he’s someone to respect, someone to look up to, someone to turn to for wise advice, someone I am so very proud of. He needs to know that I think he’s amazing, warts and all.

I love you T.



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