No more tears for days gone by

I mentioned yesterday that I had been at the cottage for a week, or a little less actually. While there I watched two things happen, Kaleb’s breathing finally became normal, his ragged breaths became deep, the dark circles that had taken up permanent residence on his little face lightened and became puffy again. Oxygen flowed through his blood giving his cheeks some cozy redness. He was happier, he was sleeping better, he was eating… I hadn’t realized how crappy Toronto air is until I saw him so healthy. It will be an interesting ride to figure out how to keep this little guy breathing well.

However, in the place of the grumpy sick child I am rediscovering my chatty, sweet, funny and sometimes stubborn youngest child.

Last year the thought of taking these two boys of mine to the beach… alone… struck fear into my heart. It just wasn’t going to happen. This year? We had the greatest time collecting rocks, swimming. building castles, washing rocks, and at one time dodging an incoming thunder storm that had both boys screeching that dragons were coming!

I stopped lamenting the past this week… I stopped thinking about how much they have grown and been saddened by it, and I have moved into a celebration mode. My guys are growing and changing, they are fully enjoyable companions these days. I anticipate a WHOLE lotta fun in this house this summer!


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