Love Does

I have posted about the book ‘LOVE DOES‘ a number of times in the last few weeks, sometimes blatantly and other times the posts have come from something I read that inspired me, moved me to change, or made me wish for something bigger and better than the life I am living. I have talked about it with friends, written to the author because I had no choice but to tell him personally what his book has done in my life, and the amazing thing was… he wrote back!

I knew this book would be different when he begins by talking about his ‘office’ on Tom Sawyers Island in Disneyland. I know a lot of lawyers, but none who would work from Disney. My heart resonated with his style of living. His deep desire to find the whimsey in life and to act rather than plan. If you see something that needs change, or if you see someone who needs love… just do it (as NIKE likes to say).

Love does. It’s an action, a motivation, a life journey that leads to change. You cannot love with action and not be changed as a result. His stories are fun, whimsical and engaging and they always come down to heart of who Jesus is, and who he longs for us to be. This book calls for action, not by telling you HOW to change, but by inviting you to be a part of the change… YOU, just you. It doesn’t matter if you are a thriving business person, a waitress or a stay at home Mum. There are adventures waiting for all of us should we choose to make the one step forward that could change our lives and the lives of others.

My view of myself and my abilities has changed, my ideas of parenting have changed, my thoughts on God have changed and stretched and as I closed the book this final time I found myself sad for a moment to be leaving it behind. That is, until I realized how exciting it is that now I can make my own adventures, be my own change, take the first step to love in action in my own community and beyond. One step is all I need to make. One step that will lead to another.

I used to think I needed to know the destination, now I know I just need to know where my foot is landing next.

Bob Goff is a man unafraid of taking those first steps, and his rewards have been great, but the biggest change has happened for those he collides with in life. I collided with him and I am different as a result.

This was a FANTASTIC read! I highly reccomend it to anyone interested in LIVING their life with fun, adventure, joy and love. You don’t need to be ‘somebody’… He wants just you.

 “Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your Favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group”. 


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One thought on “Love Does

  1. Thanks for your review, Laurie! I'm thoroughly enjoying the book – I've been starting each morning this month with a chapter. I want to live a whimsical, adventurous life with God. In the phrasing of Bob Goff… I used to think I had to plan big things to live an adventurous life with God, but now I know God provides all sorts of adventures in every day life if we look for them and follow His lead.


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