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As most of you know our youngest has a lot of allergies and asthma. when he was 6 months old he had a severe reaction to his vaccines, reactions that had me rushing him to Sunnybrook. The entire drive I had to listen to him gasping for air in the back seat. It was terrifying and the whole time I kept thinking… ‘this is my healthy child God… why is this happening?’. The treated  him, and they released him. The whole event though had me pausing when it came to getting anymore vaccines. Then we had an episode that was similar but worse when he had a tiny taste of peanut butter the first time. The mad dash to the hospital, the difficulty with breathing, the scary way his entire face swelled beyond recognition. Needless to say we were finally given an allergist appointment and a process of discovering all the things he can and cannot eat or be exposed to began.

Yesterday we had to take Kaleb to Sick Kids to have his vaccines in a safe environment. I was scared going in, imagining all sorts of trouble. We prayed like mad before hand and during. It was a long process, they do a skin test, then a small injection under the skin, and then finally a small dose of the medicine and if he tolerated that, another small dose… do you know how many needles that means for a kid who doesn’t cope well with pain?!? After each needle we had to sit and wait and hope. We arrived at 9:45, and we were there until 2:45. The good news is of course that we had NO reactions to the medicines!! Kaleb is now all caught up on his vaccines!

To say that God answers the little prayers, and the big ones is an understatement! This month we have both boys going to some HUGE appointments at Sick Kids. This was two of 5 for us. Next big one is the ECHO and I have to say I will be really surprised if they tell us that his heart needs any intervention for a while. I feel confident that our last surgeon bought him more time!

As most of you know I have been stressing Josh’s last results about the stroke and his speech. I have felt more overwhelmed than ever before when it comes to how to cope with getting him the therapy that he needs. I have worried about how to help him, what the next steps are, and I haven’t stopped praying for God to intervene!

I got a call last week from the rehab hospital for kids, they wanted to see him but it wouldn’t be until the end of August. I can’t tell you how frustrated that made me, because at that point we go on another wait list for speech. I talked to the nurse, explained the situation and asked her to put me on a cancellation list for an appointment, and I asked her to put him on the wait list for speech, hoping that it might move the process along a little faster. The nurse couldn’t help so I got off the phone and sat down to pray. Then I phoned her back, I left a message on her machine, again stressing how important early intervention was and how if we have to wait as long as they are talking Josh would be five years old, and just under 5 years post stroke. I explained that the doctors at Sick Kids told me he needed ‘intensive therapy’ etc. etc. Finally I hung up the phone after begging for her help. I prayed again and decided I had done all I could do, and I left it in God’s hands.

She phoned back later that day and said she would advocate on my Joshua’s behalf.

Yesterday I received our appointment. JULY 3RD!!! It’s one step on a long road, but I am learning that God knows the timing… and he’s not forgotten these kids of mine. He allowed Kaleb to sail through a horrible day, and he got Josh an earlier appointment. I may not know how to navigate the medical system yet, I may not be a specialist in child development or a health care worker. However, God is. I have help. It just took me a while to figure that out.

I can’t promise that I won’t struggle with overwhelming feelings again in the future, I can’t say I won’t be frustrated again… but I am writing this so that when I start to feel those feelings again I can read back again and know that ‘God has this’.

Peace my friends.


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