Heart of my heart

I am in over my head
I am afraid to breathe
trying to help you
not knowing what you need.
Heart of my heart
I see you smile
what I want is to hear you;
your thoughts
your hopes, your dreams.
Heart of my heart 
I want to take your pain,
I want to walk this road for you
so you never need to again.
I am afraid to fail,
afraid to let you down.
Standing at the door of your future
and I can’t find the key.
Heart of my heart
I want to hear your voice
tell me about your friends
 or share with me a silly story.
I can’t see how to help you
every turn is one more
in a maze that I am lost in
I am scared, alone.
Heart of my heart,
I want you to tell me about your day, 
ask me a question,
I will hear anything you want to say.
My walls are caving in,
the darkness holds no light
I can’t stand the thought
of failing you in this fight.

Published by lauriehaughton

Author & Photographer

One thought on “Heart of my heart

  1. Trusting God in the chaos is like standing in the eye of a hurricane. There is no safe place outside of that trust and nothing but safety inside it. (Christine Dallman & Randy Petersen) Love and blessings, Irene


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