life lesson brought to you by the Haughton boys…

One of the things about kids, and I have talked about this before, is how you can look at them, and see how God looks at us (even if it’s only a limited view by comparison). While at the beach I was out in the water with Josh, the waves were big and Josh was hanging on to be for dear life (albeit with a huge smile on his face). Grant and his son Hayden were also swimming together in much the same manner as Josh and I. I heard Grant say something that I had been saying to Josh numerous times, ‘I’ve got you, I won’t let you go, trust me’. Still, both boys clung to our necks, neither trusting fully that they were safe. It struck me that we are like this, or at least I am like this. I have the maker of the universe holding me up above the water, and I am clinging to his neck and he is whispering to me ‘I’ve got you, I won’t let you go, trust me’. Instead of letting go I am so scared of getting in over my head that I cling tighter.

Kaleb, for the first four days of our stay in Sanibel wouldn’t go near the water, the waves were just too big, and even when in my arms he didn’t want me to go in the water. I kept telling him to trust me, that it would be fun, but he adamantly refused. Then, one day the waves were calmer, and the water was warm. Kaleb allowed me to take him in, and what he discovered was that he loved the water! He sat in the water and with a huge smile announced that he was swimming. If only he had trusted me in the previous days, his fun would have been extended. I wonder how much I too am missing because I am too afraid to let go, and believe Him when he tells me to trust him enough to follow where I am afraid to go?

At the pool in our resort Josh had a life jacket on, I held his hands and tried to get him to slowly let go and trust me, it took a few tries but finally he did it. He kicked his legs like I taught him and to his surprise he was able to stay above water and work his way around the pool on his own. He was so proud of himself and wanted to criss-cross the pool a thousand times before finally he had worn himself out.

There always seems to be a theme with the life lessons I am learning these days… trust. Trust that he has me, that he won’t let me go, that I won’t drown if I allow him to take me where I am scared to go and that it might even be fun.


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