Beyond Exile

This photo is not a daily photo… I took it earlier in March while at the beach near my folks place. However, I had to post it for Good Friday because today I was reminded that the cross isn’t something we should only contemplate over the Easter holidays, it’s something we need to focus our lives on. That act of love and grace was ‘costly’ and done for me, planned for me, by a God who loves me wholly, and calls me to be Holy in return. I also learned that I have some things I need to lay down at the foot of the cross, and leave them there… it seems I always drop things at the cross only to turn around and pick them up again. Before Time began God had a plan for me, and he looked through history and knew me, and sent his son to die for me. I need to live a life worthy of that love, I need to live into the Holy life I was called to when I was asked to follow him. All the aching of this world, the pain of this life, is temporary. I won’t escape life alive but when I do leave this world I will be leaving exile to return home, I have an eternity of joy and love and relationship with my maker. All this because God loved me enough to offer me grace, and to sacrifice his son to offer me redemption I do not deserve.

I serve a HUGE and LOVING God… I will sleep at peace tonight knowing that regardless of what comes tomorrow… this is not my home. This is merely exile. I am blessed beyond imagination!

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